What to Bring & Other Info

• Clothes & extra shoes (include clothes to play in, get dirty in, and swimwear)
• Water bottle
• Towels/Washcloths for showers and/or swimming
• Twin sized bedding or sleeping bag and a pillow
• Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc)
• Bible, pens, notebook/paper, etc.
• Any medication your child takes regularly (must be in original containers, properly labeled with dosage and intervals)
• Flashlight
• Sunscreen and bug spray
ADDITIONALLY: Campers are encouraged to bring their own life jacket if possible.

• Optional Items: cinch sack/backpack, alarm clock, extension cord/power strip, camera, goggles, fan, dirty clothes bag, stuffed animal


The most important thing that we ask of you is to observe the guidelines of what to bring to camp (and what to leave home). The first thing we ask that your camper leave at home is their cell phone. We know this isn’t easy, but it will enhance the camp experience for your child. We know all the reasons kids would want or need their cell phones, but we feel that they are a huge distraction while at camp. We cannot possibly police everyone’s usage, so it is simpler to ask that everyone leave them at home. If you need to contact your child while at camp, you may call us, and we will relay the message and, if necessary, have them call you back on the camp phone.

Other things to leave at home include electronics of any kind (iPod, iPad, MP3 players, etc), weapons, any food or drink items, and fireworks. Other things you may want to leave at home are items of value (like expensive clothes or shoes or irreplaceable items). Bringing any drugs, alcohol, or any tobacco product is forbidden and doing so will result in your child being sent home immediately.


Our dress code is fairly simple and straight forward—modesty will prevail in all matters. Girls must wear one piece swimsuits OR wear a dark t-shirt over a two piece. All sleeveless shirts must be at least three fingers wide at the shoulders. No bare midriffs or slouching shorts. Guys must wear a tank top under any sleeveless t-shirt with expanded arm holes. Shorts must be finger length. If you have specific questions about an item of clothing, feel free to contact us.

If your child has food allergies or other dietary restrictions, please indicate those on the registration form. If you would like to speak with the camp cook directly, he can be reached by email at nickforcamp@gmail.com.
One or two times daily, campers will have the opportunity to purchase snack items at the canteen. All items are $1, so typically $2 is spent per canteen. Suggested amount for full-week camps is $20. All canteen money is placed on account at the beginning of the week to avoid the need for cash. Any unused money will go to the mission of the week. Parents may also donate to the mission at the time of registration. Some campers may have the opportunity to donate additional funds during the week. Camp t-shirts are $10 and can be paid for at the time of registration.

Campers love to receive mail! Please make sure it arrives during their program.

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