SUMMER CAMP Check-in process

Our biggest changes that affect you, as a parent, are during our check-in process.  It is VITAL that you read through this information to ensure that everyone has a safe and effective check-in experience.

NOTES ON LUGGAGE: Please pack light this summer! All items must be in luggage and bedding should be in a bag.  All luggage needs to be LABELED BOLDLY ON ALL LUGGAGE/BAGS.  Have your camper look at their luggage and know what to claim at their cabin when the staff brings their luggage to them after it has been sanitized. We are depending on you to help us so we can help your camper in this area! 


We are doing our best to limit contact exposure points, so we will have a staggered check in process this year. You will receive an email with your assigned check in time. If you haven’t received this email within 48 hours of camp starting, please call or email us.  If possible, please limit the amount of people coming to drop off your camper to one adult.  (The less people we have on campus, the safer we all are.) We will have a restroom available at check-in but are wanting to limit the use of it.  Please if you can take care of this issue before you get to camp. 

As you enter the grounds, you will be asked a few yes/no answers with regard to recent exposure and everyone in the vehicle will have their temperatures taken.  If anyone in the vehicle has a fever or cannot pass our screening questions, we will unfortunately have to turn your camper away for the session and a refund (less deposit) will be offered.  While here, we will give you your camper’s check in form and the addendum to our waiver.  We will also ask for your cell phone number to put you into our virtual queue for check in. 

**If you are sending your camper on a church bus or with another parent, you will need to fill out our form online here:

Once you’re through our initial screening, you will be directed to a parking place where you will have a chance to look over your check in form, sign the new waiver, and wait for the text that lets you know that we are ready to check in your camper.  At this point you will gather your camper and their check in form, their luggage, and any medication you need to check in with our nurse and go to our check in stations.  Here we will verify all of your information and give you your camper’s housing assignment.  Because of the staggered check-in times this year, we will NOT be allowing campers to move into cabins/rooms until all the campers have arrived (to make it fair to those who have a later assigned time).  We will direct you where to put your camper’s luggage which will be delivered to their room/cabin for them, and you will get to meet the counselor who will be staying with your camper for the session.  At this point, we encourage hugs and kisses and good-byes.  The camper can then proceed to our outdoor activities or to play games in the dining hall as you head back to your vehicle.  (The pool will not be open during check in this year to allow our entire staff to assist with campers.)

We understand that this is not an ideal situation, and you would love to be able to spend time touring the camp, but the less exposure our facilities have, the better for all of our campers.  We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


You can send mail to the camp, but we are encouraging use of our Bunk1 software instead.  There is a fee involved with sending/receiving bunk notes through this software, but it’s fast, simple, and the kids love it.  Go to to get started and use the invitation code “1954HIGHHILL”.  We will also be sending you an “opt in” text. These texts will be how we quickly communicate with our parents throughout the session if the need arises.  Bunk1 will also have pictures throughout the week that you can look at – there is no charge for looking through the gallery, but you must have your account set up to do so. We will also be posting a handful of pictures to Facebook/Instagram. 



You can go to our camper payment page to take care of any last minute payments or additions to your camper’s account:

QUESTIONS? Contact us - we are happy to help!

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