Frequently Asked Questions
Every year, we come across a lot of the same questions.  Hopefully we can help you out by answering some of them. If you find you still have questions, please feel free to use the “contact us” form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
How is COVID-19 affecting camp in 2022?
We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will make changes as necessary.  Because of recent changes to CDC guidelines (and successfully running the last two seasons of camp), we anticipate camp being as close to “normal” as possible this year.



Please note that because of the fluid nature of this situation, some or all of these policies may be changed, removed, or added to as circumstances require. We will be in a state of constant evaluation over all of these policies and adjust them as necessary.

These are the policies that are in place, effective 1/1/2022


  • Obeying Local Governments – If our county (Montgomery County) imposes restrictions, we will adhere to those.  At this time, no restrictions are in place.
  • Encouraging campers to be mindful of their travel and exposure the week leading up to their session.
  • Full refunds will ONLY be issued if there is a positive Covid case in the camper’s household within 14 days of the camper’s session beginning.


  • Once campers are on campus, they will not be permitted to leave and come back.
  • Our medical staff will have authority to send campers home who exhibit any signs of illness. In the case of a camper being sent home, a pro-rated refund will be offered.
What should my camper bring/not bring to camp?
• Clothes & extra shoes (include clothes to play in, get dirty in, and swimwear)
• Water bottle
• Towels/Washcloths for showers and/or swimming
• Twin sized bedding or sleeping bag and a pillow
• Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc.)
• Bible, pens, notebook/paper, etc.
• Any medication your child takes regularly (must be in original containers, properly labeled with dosage and intervals)
• Flashlight
• Sunscreen and bug spray
ADDITIONALLY: Campers are encouraged to bring their own life jacket if possible.

• Optional Items: cinch sack/backpack, alarm clock, extension cord/power strip, camera, goggles, fan, dirty clothes bag, stuffed animal

The first thing we ask that your camper leave at home is their cell phone. We know this isn’t easy, but it will enhance the camp experience for your child. We know all the reasons kids would want or need their cell phones, but we feel that they are a huge distraction while at camp. We cannot possibly police everyone’s usage, so it is simpler to ask that everyone leave them at home. If you need to contact your child while at camp, you may call us, and we will relay the message and, if necessary, have them call you back on the camp phone. Please note that we will not enforce this guideline as a camp, it is a recommendation that we have set forth and leave it to your discretion, but it is STRONGLY encouraged.

Other things to leave at home include electronics of any kind (iPod, iPad, MP3 players, etc.), weapons, any food or drink items, and fireworks. Other things you may want to leave at home are items of value (like expensive clothes or shoes or irreplaceable items). Bringing any drugs, alcohol, or any tobacco product is forbidden and doing so will result in your child being sent home immediately.

Can my camper bring a cell phone to camp?
We ask that your camper leave their cell phone at home. We know this isn’t easy, but it will enhance the camp experience for your child. Cell phones have become a huge distraction for kids of all ages, and we would love for camp to be a place to escape some of that. We understand that many older kids and teens use their phones for Bible access, so because of that we are not super strict on this policy, but we ask that you encourage your camper to go a week without their phone and send an actual paper Bible instead.  We cannot possibly police everyone’s usage, so it is simpler to ask that everyone leave them at home. If you need to contact your child while at camp, you may call us, and we will relay the message and, if necessary, have them call you back on the camp phone.



Please note that we will not enforce this guideline as a camp, it is a recommendation that we have set forth and leave it to your discretion, but it is STRONGLY encouraged.  We have your child’s best interest in mind and ask for no phones because we do believe it’s the most effective way for them to escape the world for a week.  If you have specific questions or concerns about this topic, please feel free to contact us.

Can my camper request a bunkmate?
Absolutely! We love for our campers to come to camp with friends. There is a space on the registration form for you to request a friend (and an alternate choice) for your camper to be housed with.



(Please note: some of our churches assign housing by their established small groups, so you may not see a space for requesting a bunkmate for those churches.)

My camper wants to attend with an older/younger friend - how does that work?
So glad you asked!  Our camps are set up for campers to attend the session that corresponds to the grade they will be entering this coming fall.  Our camp’s policy is that a camper my move DOWN one grade, but not up.  The reason behind this is because the majority of campers can easily grasp concepts that they’ve moved past, but can sometimes find it difficult to understand things that are meant for older campers.


Here are a few examples of how our policy works.

SCENARIO 1: Your camper is going into 6th grade but wants to attend Camp 45 with his friends who are only going into 5th grade. Since our policy is moving down is okay, this fits within our criteria and is acceptable.

SCENARIO 2: Your camper is going into 7th grade, but you want him to attend Camp 45 with his little brother who is going into 5th. Because that would mean moving down TWO grade levels, this is outside of our policy, and would not be acceptable.

SCENARIO 3: Your camper is going into 5th grade, but all his friends are going into 6th grade and are attending Junior High Camp.  Your camper’s friends are welcome to move down to Camp 45, but your camper may not move UP to Junior High Camp.

If you still aren’t sure about your situation or you have more questions, please feel free to email us at and we would be more than happy to help!

Is it possible to come to camp as a volunteer/sponsor?
First, thank you for considering to help out at camp this summer.  Whether you’re a parent, a church volunteer, or a sponsor for your church, you’re needed.  Please be aware that you will need to contact the dean of the session before being able to complete an application.  Our deans are ultimately in charge of determining the amount of volunteers needed for the session and acceptance will be based on his/her needs. ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST BE ABLE TO CONFIRM OUR STATEMENT OF BELIEFS and agree to lead, teach, and counsel campers within these bounds.


Please use the following to contact the dean for the session(s) at which you are desiring to serve:

Day Camp || Kaylan Flanagin || 
First Chance Camp || Manda Miller || 
Kick Start  Camp || Mandy VanDalsem ||
Camp 23 || Rochelle Gerdts ||
Camp 45-1 || Rachel Borcherding ||
Camp 45-2 || Christin Merz ||
Junior High 1 || Jeremy Keeler ||
Junior High 2 || Ben Harris ||
High School Camp || Jeremiah Howze ||
Wilderness Camps || Lori Hancock ||

Adults (anyone over 18) who wish to apply to be a volunteer at High Hill this summer must complete a Volunteer Staff Form and consent to a background check in order to be considered for volunteer staff at High Hill. There is a $25 fee for adult volunteers to cover your background check – but you also will receive a free t-shirt!  Check with your church before submitting the form – many of our churches have a volunteer code that they use to pay your fee for you.

For student volunteers who are under 18, they must complete a STUDENT Volunteer Staff Form. All students must complete this form in order to be considered for volunteer staff at High Hill. In order to serve in our KS, 23, or 45 camp programs, you must be entering 8th grade or above, To serve at a Junior High session, you must be entering 10th or above.  If you are over 18 or will be 18 before June 1st, you will need to fill out an Adult Volunteer Staff form.

Do you have a dress code?
Our dress code is fairly simple and straight forward—modesty will prevail in all matters. Girls must wear one piece swimsuits OR wear a dark t-shirt over a two piece (tankinis that fully cover the midriff are considered a one piece). All sleeveless shirts must be at least three fingers wide at the shoulders. No bare midriffs or slouching shorts. Guys must wear a tank top under any sleeveless t-shirt with expanded arm holes. Shorts should be finger length. If you have specific questions about an item of clothing, feel free to contact us.
Do you have scholarships available?
On a limited basis, yes.  Scholarships will be given as funds are available.  Additionally, we will only award scholarships to one camper per family and only once every other year to allow as many families as possible to receive scholarship funds.



CLICK HERE to fill out an application.

My camper has a dietary allergy - how do you handle that?
Although we would truly like to accommodate all dining needs, with the amount of campers we feed, it’s not possible to fully exclude common items such as gluten or dairy from our menu. We try our best to keep high allergy items like peanuts out of our kitchen; unfortunately, there are some instances where manufacturers don’t list all food ingredients on our packaging.  With this in mind, you are more than welcome to send alternative food with your camper if you wish. Guests with food allergies will have access to a refrigerator/freezer and microwave in the kitchen area. All food should be stored in a bag/container and labeled with your child’s name and program (e.g. Katie Kamper, Camp 45-1). If your child has food allergies or other dietary restrictions, there will be a place to indicate those on the registration form.




If you would like to speak with us about any concerns you have, please email us at If you would like to speak with the camp cook directly, she can be reached by email at

I have a balance due - how do I make a payment?
You can log in to your parent portal to add payments or even make corrections here: 
  • Sign in or Create an Account
  • Once logged in, click “Registrations”
  • Click “View Details” beside your camper’s session
  • Scroll to bottom of page and look for the yellow highlighted area
  • Click “make payment” and follow the instructions on the next page
Is any info on your camper’s registration incorrect? 
  • Use the same link as above & sign in to your account
  • Once logged in, click “Registrations”
  • Click “View Details” beside your camper’s session
  • Click the green “EDIT” button
  • Make any corrections and click “SAVE”
Would you like to add canteen funds?
  • Use the same link as above & sign in to your account
  • Once logged in, click “Registrations”
  • Click “View Details” beside your camper’s session
  • Click the green “EDIT” button
  • Change the canteen dropdown to the amount you’d like
  • Choose how to pay that amount
  • Click “SAVE”
How do I contact my camper while they are at High Hill?
We have two fantastic ways for you to contact your camper!

1) Bunk1 (
Our camp has a partnership with an online contact company called Bunk1. They are specifically geared toward communication with campers/parents while at camp. You have the option to set up an account, add your campers, and then purchase credits that allow you to send or receive “bunk notes” from your camper.  Bunk notes are delivered at every meal and are easy for your camper to immediately respond to.  Our campers have come to love bunk mail!

2) Traditional Mail
If you would like to send your camper a letter or a package while they are here, that’s GREAT!  Please make sure to allow adequate time for mail to arrive (we suggest sending a week early) as late mail will not be returned.  Additionally, Fed-Ex and UPS make deliveries here daily, so many of our parents have begun to take advantage of a trackable Amazon Prime delivery.  We think that’s genius.

Here’s where to send mail:
High Hill Christian Camp
Camper’s Name / Week of Camp
20 Camp Lane
High Hill, MO 63350

What happens if my camper gets homesick?
We deal with homesickness on a case-by-case basis since no two campers are exactly alike.  Our schedule is designed in such a way that the kids stay busy to ward off homesickness.  We try to limit calls to and from home because we’ve found sometimes calling home can make them homesick even when they’re doing alright. If a child is upset/homesick and can’t be easily distracted, we will usually call you and let you talk to them. Or, if you or your child feels like being able to talk to you will make them less homesick, we are certainly open to setting up a time for them to call home.
How does Check-In Work?

Due to limited parking, full weeks will continue to have a staggered check in process for some camps. You will be emailed a specific time for check-in prior to camp.

We prefer for tuition, canteen, or other payments to be made at least 48 hours in advance through our camper payment page.

When you arrive at camp,  you’ll be directed where to park and then you will proceed to the canteen area where you will see large “Check-In” flags. There, you will receive a check-in sheet for your camper with all of their pertinent registration
information. You will head over to our General Store (the canteen) to look over that and make any changes necessary. When you’ve finished checking over your sheet, you will turn it in at the first window, and we will call your name as soon as we are ready for you.

From there you will go see the nurse to check in any medications (NOTE: please remember that ALL medications must be in their original containers) or express any health concerns that we may need to be aware of. Then you will have a chance to talk with our head cook if you have dietary questions.

Finally, you’ll make your way to your camper’s cabin/dorm. Please remember, only parents of the same gender as the camper may enter their housing quarters. Due to limited parking, we ask that you please say your goodbyes and head out as quickly as possible after you get your camper moved in.

Will guests be allowed at camp?
Our short answer is no.  We are continuing to minimize any outside guests this summer. As much as possible, we will keep deliveries and drop offs to the gatehouse rather than bringing additional people and vehicles into camp.


Additionally, if a camper has to leave camp for any reason, they will not be permitted to return to camp for that session. 

What will happen if my camper (or someone in their cabin) gets sick?
Campers and staff will be educated on early communication if they start feeling sick. If a camper starts to feel ill, they will immediately report to the nurse/medic. Based on their symptoms, our medical professionals will determine if the camper needs to be isolated or not. Our goal will be to remove campers or staff with COVID-19 symptoms from camp as soon as possible, rather than to isolate them for long periods of time. We will not perform or take campers to testing due to turn-around time for results. Parents will be notified if there was a confirmed COVID-19 case at camp, and we will use local health departments or the CDC for contact tracing.

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