Frequently Asked Questions
I'm looking to reserve your camp for specific dates. How do I know if they are available?
The best place to start is with our CALENDAR OF EVENTS. We do our best to keep our reservation calendar up to date.  However, occasionally, some dates will be requested while we are out of office, or we simply haven’t had a chance to add a request.  If the dates you’d like to book appear to be available, you may proceed with RESERVING THOSE DATES.
What are your rates? What is included in this fee?

Lodging:  $30 per person per day (check in/out is 4:00 pm)
Supporting churches: Call or Email Us for Rates
*Groups of less than fifteen will be charged a fifteen person minimum ($450) to use Cedar Lodge. Groups of less than thirty will be charged a thirty person minimum ($900) to use Nebel Hall.  Persons not staying the night, but attending during the day will be charged half-rate.  Early check-in or late check-out can be arranged through our office.  

Please note that we do have various fees that make your stay more pleasant, such as linen fee for our private rooms, equipment rental, activities, etc.  We are more than willing to work up a quote based on your group’s needs.  Please contact us for information.

Day Use (Grounds use only): $7.50 per person with $200 minimum (no access to buildings or restroom facilities; port-a-potty rentals can be arranged)

Meal Service: Price Varies  – meal service is REQUIRED for Nebel Hall reservations


Lodging & Use of the Camp Grounds (includes the following)

Outdoor Activities (equipment provided):
Basketball                      Gaga Ball                     Tetherball                          9 Square in the Air
Sand Volleyball             Carpet Ball                          Disc Golf                    Nature Trail Hike

Other Outdoor Ideas (balls/equipment NOT provided):
Kickball Flag Football Ultimate Frisbee Capture the Flag

Lake (we provide lifejackets):
Zip Line Kayaks/Paddleboats Giant Slide
Fishing (catch/release only; we have some poles, bring bait) *Use of the lake requires 2 certified lifeguards ($30/hr/guard)

Are there any other expenses I need to be aware of? (What activities/equipment fees are there?)

We want your retreat-planning process to be as easy as possible, which is why we provide additional services, equipment rentals, and activities – so that you can have peace of mind. Please contact our office if you have any questions about the services and equipment we are able to provide.

Use of Private Rooms (Linen Use Fee): Nebel Hall has eight private rooms and Cedar Lodge has two.  Each of these rooms has a queen bed (Nebel rooms also have a set of twin bunks).  The use of rooms includes our linen service (queen bed, made).  Use of private rooms is included in the package deals.
Price: $5/room

Meal Service: High Hill Christian Camp offers food service to our groups with a base fee of $50 per meal plus your meal selection prices.  Our meal rates are flexible to fit your budget and preference. (Note: groups of less than 15 will be charged the base rate plus a 15 person minimum.) After your reservation is confirmed, we will send you a link for you to choose your meals.  Meal cost ranges from $3-12 depending on your choices.  Meal service is REQUIRED for groups using Nebel Hall.  Groups using Cedar Lodge may choose to provide your own meals. If you choose to cook your own meals, please note that we do not provide any food or paper products such as spices, napkins, paper towels, disposable dishes, etc.  You may use our kitchen’s utensils, pots & pans, and plates and silverware.  We do provide soap and trash bags.
Price: Varies

Use of Grill(s): Use of our grill on the back porch of Nebel Hall. Availability subject to agreement with our food service coordinator.
Price: $25 minimum; $1/person/use (tools add’l $5/use)

Pipe & Drape (Nebel Hall only): Divide Nebel Hall into separate dining and meeting areas through the use of our pipe & drape.
Price: $50

Ping Pong Table: Use of our ping pong table, paddles, and balls. Available only to groups in Nebel Hall or when Nebel Hall is not in use. Deposit will go toward any maintenance or repairs and will be refunded if none are needed.
Price: $15/day

Pool Table: Use of our pool table in lower Nebel Hall. Available only to groups in Nebel Hall, or when Nebel Hall is not in use. Deposit will go towards any maintenance or repairs  and will be refunded if none are needed.
Price: $25/day

Sound Board: Use of our sound board in Nebel Hall. Availability subject to agreement with our A/V coordinator. Requires an on-boarding session of the sound technician before it can be used OR use of our technician.
Price: $50/day without technician or $75/day with technician


Pool Use:  For people who like a little more controlled environment while swimming, we offer a swimming pool.  Our pool is 6′ at the deepest, where you will also find a water slide to enjoy.  Our shallow end is 4′ where you can play games like water basketball or “dive” for our weighted water rings.  The pool is available from roughly Memorial Day through Labor Day.  The pool requires 1 lifeguard per 50 people.  You can provide your own certified guards, or use ours for an additional $30/hour/guard.
Price: $35/hour

Archery: Test your accuracy on our archery targets.  Up to 3 participants can shoot at a time.  Max of 12 people an hour.
Price: $30/hour

Paintball:  Take a shot at our onsite paintball course.  Nestled in our wooded area complete with plenty of hides and blinds, your group will play for approximately 2 hours.  All players get a marker (gun), CO2, paintballs, and face/chest gear. Games include downed pilot, capture the flag, last man standing and others.  Max of 28 players at any given time, but can rotate players in and out as desired.
Price: $50/player

Physical Challenge Course ages 10+: Our physical challenge course challenges your team to complete various physical objectives before time runs out.  Using strategic locations throughout the camp, your team must stay organized and focused on the goal to complete the task.  Can you go down a slide 100 times, do 600 pushups, and build a 4 level pyramid?  Maybe not alone, but if your team works together, it’s totally possible!   Max of 30 people (can be broken into groups).  You will need to allow 1 hour in your schedule for this activity.
Price: $100 (per group of 1-30)

Group Initiatives/Teambuilding  ages 13+: Our team building/problem solving challenges are specifically designed to help your group learn more about one another, as well as how to work together and serve each other.  Our facilitator will work with you to determine the goals for your group and then individualize your teambuilding experience.  Each activity is concluded with a time of Christ-centered debriefing to help your group talk through what they just learned.  These activities can be done indoors or outdoors depending on your group’s size and goals.  Max participation of 24 people.  You will need to allow
1-2 hours in your schedule for this activity.
Price: $150 (per group of 1-24)

We have some people in our group with food allergies. How is that handled?
We do our best to accommodate SEVERE food allergies (such as nuts) within your group, but we are not allergist professionals.  If you have someone in your group that is allergic to common items such as dairy or gluten, they may choose to bring their own food and will NOT be charged for our food service.  Because of cost, we cannot prepare individualized dishes for members of your group that are gluten/dairy/meat free unless specified on the meal selection form.
Is there anything we need to do before coming to camp?

Once you’ve submitted your reservation request, we will send you a copy of our information book that includes the following checklist.  This is a guide to make sure you are prepared for your retreat.

Make sure the dates, buildings, and times you’ve requested are confirmed.
Reserve your dates, buildings, and activities using our online reservation form.
Send in your deposit by mail or online.
Your contract can be found at the end of the booklet we will include with your initial reservation estimate. Your deposit acts as an agreement to the contents of the contract.
Please review the guidelines/rules before coming to camp.

Choose the activities you wish to have available to your group—these can be changed/adjusted at any point prior to 14 days
before your arrival.
Reserve recreation space (including pool & lake).  There is no cost to use these areas (except for the pool), but they do need to be approved in advance.  Please let us know what areas/times you would like to reserve.
Submit your schedule at least 7 days prior to your retreat.

Fill out our online meal selection form (found HERE).
Find out if there are any food allergies in your group.

Submit any A/V and equipment needs you have to John at
Reserve the outdoor chapel or shelter space if necessary.

Go over guidelines and check-out procedures with your group.
Share the packing list.
Gather waivers.

When you arrive, if you are using Cedar Lodge, please park anywhere past Nebel Hall.  If you are using Nebel Hall, please park any where before Cedar Lodge.  This allows us to have adequate parking for both buildings.  We will do our best to meet you as you arrive, but if we don’t, please feel free to begin moving in and shoot us a text to let us know you’re here: 636-466-0582.

Roughly 1 month before your arrival, you will receive an email containing a FINAL NUMBERS confirmation.  Please fill this out and submit it to us no less than 14 days prior to your retreat.  The number you submit becomes the minimum number you are agreeing to pay for (as long as it already meets your contract minimum).  You can add to your count by up to 10% as long  as it’s within 48 hours of arrival.

What about masks/social distancing?
Glad you asked!  Because we live in a rural county, we currently have no mandates or restrictions in regard to COVID.   If you would feel best having your group use masks while at camp, please feel free to do so, but it is not required. The same goes for social distancing.

If you would like to have additional sleeping space to accommodate social distancing, please let us know so we can discuss availability and pricing.

Do you have a recommended packing list?

  • Clothes & extra shoes (include weather appropriate clothes to play in, get dirty in, and swimwear)
  • Towels/Washcloths for showers and/or swimming
  • Twin bedding or sleeping bag and a pillow (queen bedding, pillows, and a blanket is provided for our private rooms; use of these rooms is an additional $5 each)
  • Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc.)
  • Flashlight
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Sports Equipment


  • Tobacco Products
  • Weapons
  • Firearms (authentic or imitation)
  • Skateboards
  • Pets
  • Pranks
  • Items of value (like expensive clothes/shoes or irreplaceable items)

PLEASE NOTE: Drugs and alcohol product are not permitted on our property.  Bringing these items onto our grounds could result in your group being sent home immediately.

8 + 7 =